Start Your Business in 6 Months.

Survey respondents are invited to the inaugural September 2020 program with the enrollment fee waived.


A Practical Approach.

Learn modern startup methods in a practical way, while starting your own business and gaining marketable skills.

  • 6 Month Program: Receive full instruction and support building your company for six months.

  • Expert Instructors: Experienced entrepreneurs from the US, Canada, and Germany.

  • 7 Hours per Week: designed for busy people to do in their spare time.

Why is it free?

This new program is under active development, and the first paid class (regular $1,800 enrollment) begins January 2021.

To practice the program material, we are inviting 50 students to fully participate for free in September 2020.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback as a survey respondent, because your responses are shaping the program development.

What Types of Business?

The startup program is flexible to allow any of the following business types:

  • Local: agency, fitness program, tourist attraction, etc.

  • Online service: tutoring, web design, consulting, etc.

  • Online product sales: Amazon, Shopify, custom e-commerce, etc.

  • New physical product: development and sales of an invention.

  • Information product: online course, ebook, video subscription, etc.

  • Technology startup: mobile app, social network, SaaS product, etc.

Especially now, people are realizing the importance of diversifying their income, being able to work from home, and gaining more control over their livelihoods.

I believe that society benefits from more entrepreneurs who have the resourcefulness and versatility to adapt to new market conditions and carry the economy forward.

I sincerely appreciate each of the 50 initial students for their trust in us, their time, and their crucial feedback for improving the program.

As one of the instructors, we will get to know each other over the six month program. You can always reach me personally at

Alex Frakking
Program Co-founder

Inviting Others

If you know friends or family who may be intereted, you are welcome to share this invitation page with them.

The Nikola Institute is a founding partner of the startup business school. The Institute provides education, advice, and product commercialization assistance to innovators.

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Applicants are not obligated to join the program if accepted. There are no fees at any time for the September class.